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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What benefits am I entitled to as a carer?


Benefits advice is part of the information and advice that a Carer Support Worker can give. Citizens Advice Bureaux hold a drop in at the Centre on the first Thursday of each month when benefits information and advice is given. You can also find information yourself on the DWP website

Q. Can I get some time out?


As a carer you may be entitled to a Carers Assessment which is undertaken by Social Work Department and looks at your needs including your need for time out. They may be able to arrange someone to come in to sit with the person you care for or for the person to go into residential care to give you a break. You may also be able to access the sitting/befriending service run by Angus Carers Centre. Give us a phone 01241 439157.

Q. What is a Carers Assessment?


A Carer Assessment is undertaken by Social Work department and is a legal right for carers who have a substantial caring role. Someone from Social Work department, usually a Care Manager will look at your caring role and its impact on your life. They can then put support in place where required. To have a Carer Assessment you can phone the Access Line 08452777778 or contact the Carers Centre 01241 439157.

Q. Do you run social activities for carers?


Yes. Angus Carers Centre runs different kinds of social activities. We have an annual bus outing, Xmas party and many other activities where you have an opportunity to meet with other carers. If you are registered with the Centre, our quarterly newsletter lets you know what activities will be taking place. Phone 01241 439157 for more information.

Q. How can I join a Carer Support Group?


Angus Carers Centre runs several different support groups. Any carer is welcome to come along to these groups. If you are registered with the centre, the dates for the groups are listed on the back page of the quarterly newsletter. If you are not registered, give the centre a phone on 01241 439157.

Q. I want to volunteer but have no experience, what can I do?


Angus Carers Centre promotes equality of opportunity in its recruitment of volunteers and welcomes applications from people from every section of the community. People volunteer for a variety of reasons and may be older with time on their hands or others looking to gain experience of the caring profession. We are always looking for volunteers to use their own car to transport young carers to activities. Experience or formal qualifications are not always necessary, as in the case of our Carefree sitting/befriending service we are looking for volunteers that will visit people and have a chat and cheer people up.

Q. If I volunteer for you, do I get paid?


We do not pay volunteers but we do provide expenses to meet the volunteering role. Where volunteers use their own car we pay mileage at 45p per mile.

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