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16th Mar 2020
Coronavirus advice for unpaid carers and latest information from the Scottish Government

The Carers Policy Unit at the Scottish Government have asked us to share the information below with you. It relates to Coronavirus advice for carers and information from the Scottish Government on measures now in place since we have moved from the containment phase to the delay phase.

11th Mar 2020
Coronavirus Information

If you want to keep up-to-date with the changing news on Coronavirus here are a few web pages you can visit...

2nd Mar 2020
The Spring 2020 Newsletter

Our Spring 2020 Newsletter is now available...

12th Feb 2020
The Scottish Budget 2020-21

The Scottish Budget was laid before Parliament on 6th February 2020 and can be downloaded from the Scottish Government’s website...

5th Feb 2020
Angus Carers Centre - Recruitment to the Board of Directors

Angus Carers is looking for people to join its Board of Directors...

4th Feb 2020
Angus residents are asked to decide how public money is spent in their community

Choice for Angus is a campaign that aims to involve local people in deciding how public money is spent in their community.

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