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Carers Legislation Consultation - Angus Carers Centre Response

Thursday 08th May 2014

Over 450 carers submitted a response to the consultation and over 500 attended a consultation event or responded to our online survey. The overwhelming response from carers was that they support The Carers Bill.

As the government begins to analyse responses the Carers Coalition  have been reflecting on some of the key issues raised by carers that are likely to be debated over the coming months in advance of the introduction of the Bill.

Questions such as; what are the key priorities for carers? are there any potentially negative impacts that could arise from the Bill? and what needs to be strengthened or added to ensure it delivers the intended outcomes for carers?

 You can find a copy of the full response from Angus Carers Centre in the download section

Angus Carers Centre will keep you up to date as the debate continues.