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Lorraine Kelly meets Young Carers

Monday 06th February 2012

Despite their age, some children and young people have to look after a parent with a disability or a mental health problem, as well as caring for younger siblings. Angus Carers Centre helps young carers to cope with these responsibilities and pressures which can lead to underachievement at school, ill health and simply missing out on the chance to enjoy their childhood.

Angus Carers Centre, which has had a grant thanks to money raised through Sport Relief, provides the few opportunities some young carers get to have fun and talk to other children going through similar situations.

Lorraine said: “It’s really inspiring to meet these amazing young carers who come together at the Angus Carers Centre and simply get the chance to be kids and have fun. It’s clear they all have something in common with regards to responsibilities and pressures at home and this is a haven for them, even a lifeline in some cases.”

Lorraine joined in some cup-cake decorating activities with the young carers and added: “It’s great to see firsthand the work that Sport Relief funds here in Scotland. The amazing young carers I met in Arbroath are proof that the money you raise really does help people."