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Major Funding Award for Short Breaks for Unpaid Carers in Angus

Monday 18th November 2019

Shared Care Scotland awards £11,582 to Angus Carers Centre towards the funding of respite breaks for unpaid carers in Angus

Angus Carers Centre in Arbroath has been awarded £11,582 to organise short breaks for unpaid carers in Angus.

The grant called ‘Time to Live’ was awarded from the Short Breaks Fund, which is run by Shared Care Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government.  The grants can pay a range of costs to unpaid carers of all ages who live in Angus. Staff at the Carers Centre can help people think though how best they could benefit from a break from their caring role and can walk them though the very simple application process.  

Alison Myles, CEO of Angus Carers Centre, said, “We’re delighted to receive this funding award for our ‘Time to Live’ project. In financial year 2018-2019, we received funding of-£10,582 and arranged a total of 37 short breaks. With the extra £1,000 for year 2019–2020, we will be able to increase the number of short breaks on offer to local carers. Carers tell us that these breaks can make a massive difference to their lives, so it’s wonderful that we can we now do more work in this crucial area.”

Alison Brown, the Short Breaks Fund Manager at Shared Care Scotland, said, “Getting the right short break at the right time is fundamental to the health and wellbeing of carers. Through the Short Breaks Fund, ‘Time to Live’ helps carers across the whole of Scotland access funds and support to help them take the short break that meets their needs.

“We’re delighted Angus Carers Centre are continuing to deliver ‘Time to Live’ in their area this year and we look forward to hearing about the creative and innovative ways in which the small grants are used to make a big difference in carers’ lives.”

Find out more about our 'Time to Live' project
The funding is open to all unpaid carers who live in Angus. If you'd like to find out more about the Time to Live project, contact the Centre.