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Margaret Ure - Crafting for the Community During the Lockdown

Wednesday 19th August 2020

Margaret, one of our carers in Angus, will be 81 in September 2020...

Margaret started knitting at 4 and half, then ventured into embroidery. As a teenager she started to embellish things, making great hand-sewn and knitted items, which she continued to do so for her 4 children and 3 grandchildren. She is definitely well-known in her local area as the lady to come if you need a button sewed on!

Caring for her son and husband throughout lockdown, Margaret still managed to knit 200 hearts, sew 100 scrubs laundry bags, knit 40 neonatal hats, knit cardigans for baby boxes for stillborn babies, and crafted cards for her church to help parishioner celebrate special birthdays. 

Currently at 150 masks, she is still going strong creating them - and local shops have been selling them, the money of which has been donated to her local church. This crafting for the benefit for others is not a new thing for Margaret and, over the years, has raised money for charities, both local and nationally. It’s lucky the multi-talented Margaret can chat, watch TV and craft at the same time.

Margaret knows it’s been difficult for other carers during such a hard time, but Margaret finds crafting is something that helps her cope, keeping her hands and mind occupied.