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Scottish Government childcare announcement - the response from Children in Scotland

Tuesday 10th November 2015

In response to the Scottish Government’s announcement regarding the setting up of a group/forum to develop the Scottish Government’s plans to expand childcare and examine reform, the ‘Children in Scotland’ Chief Executive, Jackie Brock, has written a letter in reply to Aileen Campbell (Minister for Children in Young People).

In this letter, Ms Brock welcomes the announcement of the new Early Learning and Childcare Strategic Forum. She also asks for early confirmation that the new group will be strongly focused on implementation, rather than on debating a vision for childcare in general terms.

If the Forum is to focus on implementation, with support for vulnerable families as a priority, a funding review must be central to its work. It must also take into account the key calls the Commission made in this regard, Ms Brock says.

To read the full letter sent by Jackie Brock, follow this link or click on the image below.

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