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Short Break Statements - We Need Your Feedback

Tuesday 06th November 2018

Have your say, we need your input!

Over the next few days, we’ll be posting some questions on our Facebook page about short breaks for carers. Please feel free to comment on these questions whether you are registered with Angus Carers Centre or not. 


The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 introduces lots of changes for carers.  Section 35 looks at Short Breaks for Carers.

  • Each local authority must prepare a “short breaks services statement” for local carers and publish it by 31st December 2018 (a big statement – more of a document!).
  • It should be a “statement of information about the short breaks services available in Scotland for carers and cared for persons”,
  • The Act creates a duty to consider whether support, wherever a carer sits on the eligibility framework, should take the form of, or include, a break from caring (prior to Carers Act local authorities had the power to consider short breaks – now it is their duty i.e. they must).

What is a Short Break?

The Act does not define what constitutes a short break but encourages authorities to use a broad definition such as Shared Care Scotland’s:

“A short break is any form of service or assistance which enables the carer(s) to have periods away from their caring routines or responsibilities”.

Who should be involved in producing the statement? This is where we need you!

There is a requirement to involve carers and carer representatives.  Authorities may also wish to involve short break service providers when preparing the statement.

Authorities can also consider whether the statement is for both adult and young carers, or separate statements are produced.

What should the statement contain?

To meet the legal requirements the statement must consider:

  • The local context i.e. what do short breaks look like in Angus?
  • How accessible it is to local carers
  • What is available to carers who complete an Adult Carer Support Plan ( ACSP) /Young Carer Statement (YCS) and what is universally available

It’d be really helpful to get your views on the following points and there will be ongoing opportunity to have input in to the statement. Things think about might be hobbies, evening class, a break with or without the person you care for, replacement care, specialist accommodation or equipment.

1. What does a short break mean to you?

2. Where do you currently access info about short breaks?

3. What information would you want to know to help you make a decision about short breaks? E.g. local authority responsibility, charging, availability?

4. What are some of the challenges you face in getting a short break?

5. What would put you off arranging a break?

6. Planned v emergency short breaks? What has been your experience? 

7. What are the benefits of a short break? 

8. Support available – what would you want to see in this section of a statement?

Thank you all for contributions – if you have any other comments you would like to make please email by Friday 16 November 2018.