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Two Surveys on Dementia Care and Independent Advocacy

Friday 30th October 2015

The Life Changes Trust (a Scottish charity that helps people affected by dementia) is looking to find out how independent advocacy can help people with dementia and their families, and are asking for carers to provide information about their experiences.

To help them gather this information, The Life Changes Trust has asked a Scottish organisation called CSL Training to organise two, separate surveys.

The first survey is for people who DO NOT USE an independent advocacy service. To view and complete this short survey, go to this URL:

The second survey is for people who DO USE an independent advocacy service.  To view and complete this short survey, go to this URL:

Each survey only take a couple of  minutes to complete, and the information provided will be extremely useful for helping people with dementia and also those who are caring for somebody with dementia.

Completing a survey in print format
If required, our Carer Support Workers can provide print copies of these surveys, which can then be completed and posted to: Dementia Surveys, CSL Training, Hunters Lodge, Slockavullin, Lochgilphead, PA31 8QG.

Visit to Angus in early December 2015 by CSL Training to discuss dementia care and independent advocacy
In early December, CSL Training plan to visit Angus to meet with people who have dementia and also those who care for them. Once details for this event have been finalised, we will contact those registered carers with the Centre who care for somebody with dementia.